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I was taking pictures of your boat primarily because itís custom and Iím always interested to see any new and better ideas that come out of the industry. Some of them make it into the next edition of my book. I was very impressed with the hull form- the large radiused chines and sharp entry-

Iíve never seen anything quite like it and looked for you on Saturday afternoon to find out who designed it. I know it is a very smooth riding boat in the head sea, and I doubt you get any of the secondary vertical accelerations typically associated with large chine flats with hard inside corners, or even the typical running strakes.

I believe it was your son who told me youíd pulled a mold off this hull- I had commented to him regarding the complexity of the hull surfaces forward and what a nice job someone did fairing them.

In any event, well done, and maybe I can work out a visit to your plant at some point.

Eric Sorensen


Sea Trial


Thanks very much for the info.

The boat ran better than any one could have expected and the fit and finish is well above your competition.

I spent some time on the JB 32 and although it was a nice looking boat it will not perform as well as yours and the layout is not as flexible. Strangely enough the finish was not as good as your boat in the areas that most people don't look at.

I will try to get up to see you in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you had a good show. 

R Higgons
Palm Beach Boat show 08


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