Our Story

Bonadeo Boat Works, from its humble beginnings in 2004 was envisioned as a family business, where its founders, Larry and Tony Bonadeo would have the opportunity to work together, with their families, building a tender for Larry’s larger custom sportfish. The first crew was comprised of Larry, Tony, Dominic, and Angelo Bonadeo. (Shown in the picture taken in 2005 with Hull #1)


        The goal was to construct similar vessels utilizing today’s materials, replacing the wooden core with Composite Cross linked structural foams and engineering them to be built lighter and stronger. Our construction processes consist of vacuum bagging, and resin infusion with Composite Structural Cores. The weight savings of the cored hull also equates to fuel savings. We utilize Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins, Kevlar®, Carbon Fiber, Biaxial, Tri-axial and Quad-axial Fiberglass as well as cross linked structural cores. These vessels can still be as custom and sea kindly as wooden cored technology with the positive attributes recently mentioned.

         Our primary business focus is Custom Sport fish Boat Construction. The boats that we construct consist of a composite designed hull and superstructure. We build each boat by hand one at a time starting with conceptual ideas from the prospective owner, through finalization with a naval engineer/designer. From that point the construction process begins. This is where the abilities of our team enhance the construction process with Larry assisting Tony, with the operations of the business and working hands on with their Family’s and Employees.


          This accounts for the quality of construction, innovative ideas and future accessibility of systems for ease of maintenance, now and forever. When available, redundant systems are installed so that the traveling sport fisherman need not stop a trip to wait on parts.

What better way to enjoy traveling and fishing than in your custom built, One of a Kind Yacht. With looks that are second to no one and a ride beyond comparison




This is why we say



Our Story